Friday, July 15, 2016

I had such a great time answering Fiona's questions that I decided I must share the interview.

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Before I met Shya Beth at the EQUUS Film Festival in New York City, November, I had seen FLEUR, a brilliantly colored and constructed horse sculpture. FLEUR is incredible.

Later I had the opportunity to meet and talk with her. She is a remarkable young woman, at the time Shya was fifteen years old and not only well spoken, but a woman who was passionate about not only her art but also horses and other people’s art too.

It is one moment in time that I will never forget, for her conversation was interesting, her presence of self, far beyond what most achieve in their lifetimes and her art is remarkable and full of passion.

I am so pleased to have the opportunity to interview her on my blog.

Please help me welcome the talented Shya Beth.

Shya when we met at the Equus Film Festival in November of 2015, I was amazed at the workmanship and beauty of your sculpture Fleur and how wonderfully you present yourself, your creativity and intelligence.

Besides Fleur, I understand that you have many more sculptures and some of them are/were picked to be exhibited at different places.

Would you tell us about that? And where they are/have been on exhibition?

First of all, thank you for your kind compliments on my art, Marta! Yes, I have several other sculptures that are complete and much more in progress. “Fleur!!” was my first nearly life-size equine sculpture, followed by my “New Year’s Horse” made out of cedar/pine branches to celebrate the New Year. 

I have also made my Blue Jean Jumper, which is covered in blue jeans that I have collected at thrift shops and jeans that friends have “donated” to my project.  For the past few years, I have been making carousel horses out of the old ride on hobby horses as well.

For your question on exhibits, My carousels have been exhibited for several years (2013-2015) at one of the largest horse shows in NJ, The Garden State Horse Show. Fleur!! Was then exhibited at Centenary College’s Equine Center (Hackettstown, NJ, October 2014-October 2015) along with New Years Horse.

Christmas Horse & Full Carousel

Joey (from War Horse

Blue Denzel

Little Jumper

Knight Horse
Patriotic Horse

Side Saddle Jumper

My Blue Jean Jumper and Fleur!! were on the Awards Stage at the EQUUS Film Festival and this past January 2016 Fleur!! was at the Peters Valley Art Gallery & School of Craft in Layton, NJ.

I read that you are also a filmmaker, would you tell us what goes into filmmaking? And what your films are about?
Lots of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, even when things don’t work out or get too hard instantly came to mind.
My films are about my Blue Jean Horse Project. My Project consists of about 13 life-size equine sculptures representing different disciplines/breeds of horses, including show jumping, polo, racing, dressage, etc. Each horse will go on its own unique journey to different horse shows/events, to be signed by prominent riders/trainers/, etc. In their respective fields. Once each horse is covered in signatures, I will have an exhibit of them, then auction them off to benefit horse charities. So, my documentaries will include interviews with the people who sign them, and with some of the organizations that will be benefiting from the Project as well.

And where you get your ideas from?
The stillness of the forest, epic music ;)

I am astounded at the creativity and amount of projects you already have going. Are they all based around the equine world?

Yes. As I said about my Blue Jean Horse Project, many of my sculptures represent horse breeds/disciplines. Several other equine sculptures that are in progress represent horses in myths as well.

Would you tell us how you came up with the idea for your Equine Art Hour?
In January of 2015, I started going on “hours”, which are essentially groups of people that meet on Twitter to tweet about all things horses (there are several other hours that are for other topics as well). After a while, I started to notice there was a gap for horse art, and I decided to bridge that gap by creating the first-ever #equinearthour on Twitter. Now, I use it as an interviewing platform, where I interview equine artists and where people from around the world can ask the artist’s questions about their art.
You also have a blog called the Flying Shetlands that showcases equine art and artists. What motivated you to do this?
For years I would bookmark articles about equine art and save books/articles about horse art and the idea just came from that!
Where do you find your contributors?
Everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, magazines/books and other artists.

What other projects are you currently working on?

My Blue Jean Horse Project, many other equine sculptures of various forms. I have a few other long term, 'The Flying Shetlands' projects in the works as well.

Thanks for interviewing me, Marta!

Thank you, Shya, it was such a pleasure talking with you again, I hope we have a chance to connect again. Perhaps at the EQUUS Film Festival, this year?
You probably all saying “whew” to yourself and are as astounded as I was at the creativity, talent and drive of this young woman. I believe we will be seeing much more of her as the years go by. What do you think?

Sunday, October 11, 2015


“Chrome, Connella, I remembered Little Jimmy today,” Dinky said excitedly.

“Who is Little Jimmy, Dinky,” Connella asked curiously

“Little Jimmy, lived at the old stable with me. I didn’t see him much at first, for her was very sick, Connella. We all overheard the women discussing whether he would make it or not.” Dinky replied.

“Why does that make you so excited, Dinky?” Chrome inquired.

“Well, I guess it’s because Little Jimmy had it so much worse than the rest of us. Even worse than Kaylee did, and he made it, Chrome. For a long time, he had a tube stuck on his face, and you could see his ribs through his skin, for he had no coat on part of his sides.

Sometimes, at night we would hear people moving around in his stall and heard them as they helped him stand up and held him as they poured milk down his tube. The tube went right through his nose; it looked like an awful way to eat.” Dinky stated.

“Oh my! was all Connella could say at first. “However did you find out that he lived and was okay Dinky?”

“I overheard Marta, Christine, and April discussing it the other day. I have been racking my brain ever since to remember what he looked like the last time I saw him. I remembered the first time, but not the rest, things moved too fast at that time and then I came here.
They said he grew up to be a beautiful Palomino and was a trail horse living in his forever home with people who loved him, just like Ken and Marta love us.”

“That makes me happy too, said Chrome, for you were quite small and sickly when you came here and look at you now.”

Interrupting, Connella said. “Well, that just goes to show how love, care, and faith can work wonders now doesn’t it?”

“It sure does, Connella, you see Dinky, in some ways you nurse mare foals are stronger than the rest of us. It doesn’t matter that you weren’t born to one of the human’s so called ‘elite breeds.’ What a lot of nonsense that is anyway, why do they believe the blood line makes the horse?”


Saturday, June 20, 2015

A WORLD TO DISCOVER: When I Was Not Myself

A WORLD TO DISCOVER: When I Was Not Myself: When I Was Not Myself There is beauty in my soul And kindness in my heart A sadness for mistakes I made When I was not myself...

Friday, June 19, 2015

When I Was Not Myself

When I Was Not Myself

There is beauty in my soul
And kindness in my heart
A sadness for mistakes I made

When I was not myself

It's easy to go astray
And lose oneself
When you follow not your spirit
Or the whispers in your head

The desire not to hurt
Or disappoint can overwhelm
The pressure to fit in and the need to belong
Can blind you, so you cannot see
Those who seek only faults

I do not seek to judge
Those I once called friend
For I know not their pain
Or what is in their hearts
Nor could I have sought the answers

When I was not myself

I honor all the memories
Of those that I have lost
For even in my anguish
I learned a lot.

To listen to the whispers
And the screaming of my spirit
Even when it sees those things I wish weren’t so
I am grateful to those who stayed
When I was lost in the dark

It can’t have been easy
But you helped me find my way
As I walk toward the light
And listen to my soul
As it takes the splendor in

And I become myself

I’ll remember those days of dark despair
When the world closed in
A few scars will remain upon my heart
From lessons I have learned

When I was not myself

I’ll not judge myself
For those mistakes I made
Nor flog my spirit bloody
But take them as lessons learned
For sometimes you cannot go back

As I travel on my path
Through the deep dark woods
And muddy black bogs of loss
As I make my way back
Into the beauty that I am

The darkness and despair
The loneliness and sorrow
Will be a memory of the days

When I was not myself

Marta Moran Bishop © 2015

Saturday, February 14, 2015



Today, Don Colasurd Jr. the narrator and producer of my book Dinky: The Nurse Mare’s Foal will be my guest. Don is a professional
narrator, voice over artist, who maintains his own production studio.

He is dedicate to improving his craft, today we
will discuss the business of voice over, narration, and give away some copies
of the audio book Dinky: The Nurse Mare’s Foal, to some callers. There will
also be a chance to win either an audio, kindle, or a signed copy of Dinky’s
story to those who listen to the podcast.

To win a signed copy of one of my audio books, leave a comment and follow my blog.

The Between Times
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The Choosing
Wee Three: A Mother's Love in Verse
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A Poet's Journey: Emotions
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