Saturday, June 15, 2013

FINDING THE LIGHT Across the years my mind flies Through muddy passages My heart must find its own way To shed light in those places Where emptiness lives Lost ones living on in caverns In dark places of my soul Striving to be remembered Will breathe air into those flames Till they are beacons of fire Throwing sunlight at shadow Lighting cold spaces with warmth Uncovering lost dreams and loves And memories of times past Bringing the promise of hope Releasing shackled baggage Tangled in remembering Leaving love and knowledge Of those we have left behind They will not be forgotten On wings of bright light and wind The doors will open wider Showing us that truth is more Than we had known before Long gone are the seeds of doubt With those memories of loss That serve only to drag us down Into the gutter of angst Hopeless and helpless we feel Not able to believe it The end is the beginning For time ebbs and flows around In the dance of life it whirls And we must nurture all we love With bright light, love, and honor Cherishing all those embers To help us remember good Our lives are not over now Till all dark spots are gone And we are free for glory It is then we will meet again When the time is ripe for us With luck our lessons are learned And we meet again without hurt Leaving behind old patterns Become the best we can be Together again at last Forgotten the dark corners That followed us through the past We meet again in splendor Every meeting a new chance To learn how to love ourselves For even those dark spaces Hold the means to cherish And accept all that is Marta Moran Bishop copyright 2013