Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wee Three Launch

Wee Three has begun it's launch. Shortly the press releases will go out and then the hardest work of all begins. It will be time to begin to market my book. Begin doing readings, events and all that marketing one's book entails.

I am both thrilled and nervous as I begin this new adventure. Writing it was a labor of love, the idea of taking the bits of my grandmother's verses and expanding and writing my own began after my mother had passed away.

Five of the nine siblings sat at her bedside for 12 days. Nine of which she was unable to communicate except through her eyes and hands. We read her her mother's verses over and over and over again as she insisted, watching her delight in the memories they invoked.

Several years later I took out my grandmother's writings and began the project. At first many agents and publishers told me "we don't do poetry, or poetry is too hard of a sell."

Well "Wee Three" is more a collection of short stories that are told in rhyme as seen through the eyes of a child. So believing in it I first self published, later someone suggested more of the verses shoud be expanded, to get a real illustrator, which I did in the wonderfully talented Hazel Mitchell. I also added more of my own verses to the book telling more of the stories of the adventures into a childs imagination based on my own memories as a child.

I hope you will all take a chance and watch the video and read the book. I believe it will help you remember your own childhoods and connect more deeply with your children and grandchildren.

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