Sunday, December 7, 2014

Favorite Authors and Books I read in 2014

As an author and poet, I decided to list my top favorite authors that I read their work in 2014. Equally it would probably be unfair not to list at least a few of my favorites of their work. All of these books can be found at least on Amazon, though many of them at bookstores everywhere. Some are currently only available in eBook, others in Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, as well as Ebook.

Some of these books I reread this year after having enjoyed them so much previous years, so they were included in this list.

Some authors I believe I would love all that they have written even though I have not as yet read everything of theirs. Many on this list I have loved all of their work, but I only included those that were my favorites of the ones I have read this year, even if it was in the rereading. As my tastes in books are varied, so is my list.

The authors are listed alphabetically by first name, this in no way is meant to say I prefer that author to one further down on the list.

I hope some find this list interesting, please forgive the lack of pictures, but there are too many for this post.

I can highly recommend all of these books for your own enjoyment or for gifts for the holidays.

Amanda Thrasher – The Ghost of the Whispering Willows & her Fairy in the Mushroom Patch series
Ben Woodard – The Boy who flew with Eagles and his Shakertown Series
Beth Hoffman – Saving CeeCee Honeycutt and Looking For Me
Claire Cook – Must Love Dogs, Must Love Dogs (New Leash on LIfe) and Best Made Plans
Dellani Oakes – Indian Summer, Lone Wolf, Shakazhan, Conduct Unbecoming and Ninja Tattoo
Doreen Cox – Adventures in Mother-Sitting
Ellen Dye – Ending Up and Three’s the Charm
Franki deMerle – Dragonfly Dreams and Five Flowers.
Helen Carey – The Lavender Road series
Jack London – Call of the Wild and White Fang
James Rollins – His Sigma Force series
James Strauss - The Boy
Jane Austin - Pride and Prejudice
Jan Romes - Married to Maggie
Jd Holiday - Spy Games
Joseph Wallace – Diamond Ruby
Julie Hughes – Griffin Boy and Griffin Cryer
Karen Vance Hammond – Shoe Marks
Karen Vaughan – Dead On Arrival, Daytona Dead, and Dead Comic Standing
Kevin Swarbrick – Louie Has Landed Series (very steamy)
Leyla Atke - Charm: The Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat
MacKenzie Brown – Lost Boys and The Shifting, though I have a feeling I will like the rest of his books too.
Margaret Koch – The entire Barb Stark series especially Catalyst and Camp Soul
Maria Savva – Haunted, Time to Tell, and Coincidences
Miranda Phillips Walker – The Well Meaning Killer
Miriam Davidson – The Intercessor and Sand, Sea, and Meadow Muffins
Helle Gade – Nocturnal Embers

Robert W. Walker – The entire Instinct Series, Decory Series, Children of Salem, The Cannoneers, Annie's War, and Red Path.
Saket Suryesh – Rescued Poems and Death of a Soldier
Sammy Sutton – Darkening Danger, King Solomon’s Journey, and Hidden Mountain
Sherrill S. Cannon – Finger Paint Masterpiece and Gimmie Jimmie
Stuart Ross McCallum – Beyond My Control: One Man’s Struggle with Epilepsy, Seizure Surgery, and Beyond.
Suzanne Collins – MockingJay and Hunger Games
Virginia Lee – Dagon’s Blood


  1. Your are an amazing READER as well as writer. Thanks so much for sharing! -- Robert Walker

    1. Thank you Robert. From you that means so much. I love your books.