Sunday, November 20, 2016

Once in a Lifetime Giveaway - Progressive Rising Phoenix Authors

  1. WINNERS TO BE PICKED ON 12/5/16 and shipped in time for the Holidays.
  2. Rules:
    1st Prize:  Will receive the kindle and their choice of 3 books.
    2nd Prize:Will receive their choice of 5 of the remaining books
    3rd Prize: Will receive their pick of 4 of the remaining books
    4th Prize: Will receive their pick 3 of the remaining books.
    5th Prize: Will receive their pick of 2 of the remaining 3 books.
  3. 6th Prize: Will receive one book.
  4. No one can pick more than 2 of one author's books.

  1. In who’s book is the character Greenlee?
  2. What does Greenlee experience and how does she handle it?
  3. In who’s book is the character Kristen Matthews?
  4. What motivates Kristen?
  5. What do Rachel Raccoon and Sammy Skunk teach children?
  6. In The Ghost in the Whispering Willlows, what are the names of the boys who embark on investigating ghosts?
  7. What is the name of the Publishing company that Jannifer Powelson and Amanda Thrasher start?

  1. What genre does Matthew Gene write in?
  2. Which book is the character Christopher in?
  3. Besides being an author, what else does Linda do?

  1. Who saves Roxy the Reindeer’s Christmas?
  2. In Boy and Poi Poi Puppy, what does the boy learn?
  3. Kyle Hoffman works for The Corporation, what does this branch of the government do?

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