Thursday, June 24, 2010

WEE THREE illustration by Hazel Mitchell:
"Upside Down Land"


When tired of games and pictures too,
And all my books I've read 
And I can't think what else to do 
I stand upon my head
Then I pretend in some strange lands
Across a Faerie Sea,
The people all walk on their hands,
Not right-side-up, like me
And then I wonder how they'd sleep 
Up-side-down upon their beds,
And how they'd ever, ever keep 
Their hats upon their heads
I wonder too, if in these lands,
The folks upon the street,
Would wear their shoes upon their hands,
Their gloves upon their feet
But mother says if they appeared,
And met me on the street
They'd laugh, she's sure, and think me weird; 
For walking on my feet


  1. Oh, I could read this a hundred times and it would still make me smile. And the illustration is fantastic. Such magic!

  2. Enchanting! Keeps me wanting more....

  3. Thank you, my dear friend, Beth! Hazel's illustrations are simply, marvelous!! What a joy it is to see your words transformed into such lovely pictures.