Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WEE THREE illustration by Hazel Mitchell: "Lonely"


A little brown ant came running by,
My reflection caught his shiny eye
A green leaf sat upon his back,
It looked as if he held a sack

I asked where he was racing to,
And what it was he had to do
All aquiver in his haste,
He ran on by, no time to waste.

A busy toad came hopping by
He stopped to snatch a butterfly
So content and happy he did seem,
As he stared at me with eyes a gleam

He would not say a word to me,
‘Though, I was nice as nice could be
For when I said “hello”, why then,
He just went hopping off again.


  1. I love the poems and the illustrations. This reminds me of the A.A. Milne poems. The pictures are lovely, the poems entertaining. Great!

  2. Thank you, Dellani! I'm so glad that you enjoy them and hope you'll love the book, too.