Friday, June 24, 2011


When I talk about Wee Three, its meaning to me and what I hope it will mean to others, I always write and talk about the innocence of childhood. When in fact many have not had the greatest childhoods, many children go to bed hungry, live in war torn countries with their innocence ripped from them before they are old enough to even know the world.
It is not that I am unaware that this is happening. It is that I choose to try to bring lightness of spirit back into our society and world. To bring an acceptance of each other whatever our differences, to find a way for all of us to find the place inside ourselves of joy, innocence and a place of reclaiming and relearning what we can be.
Our world has gotten too serious, focusing on all the blight, problems and stress. Many have forgotten the simple joy of a walk in the rain. Jumping in puddles, watching a bug and really seeing it as if for the first time, not as a nuisance but as another creature on our planet, and trying to figure out what the bug is up to.
Each species has its place in our world and without one of them our world would be different. Now in the case of bugs some would say this would be a good thing. Yet without them we would be wallowing in a world filled to the brim with dead trees, plants, food and an assortment of other trash.
We may look on that bug only for the trouble it may cause us. When in fact we should see it for what it is a helper in life. It may appear ugly to our eyes, yet beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to another of its species it may be the most beautiful.
Do you find a bug a nuisance? Can you look beyond the problems it may cause you temporarily and see that it has a place? Can you see its beauty and wonder what it does and why it does it?

Let me know what you think? Is there a bug that you like? Do you consider them all a nuisance or are there some that you can find beautiful?

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