Sunday, June 19, 2011


The other day on Twitter my friend @TheFourOrders asked me if we had lost our wonder? I began thinking of all the times I have spent watching the stars, listening to the wind move through the trees.

The moments spent making cloud pictures, finding a new bug that I had never seen before and marveling about its beauty. Sitting and listening to the stories of my parents, the elders in our community or watching people walk their dogs.

It also made me think of what television or playing video games is making us lose. The trips to the mall that are taken, not because we need something but as a means of entertainment.

And I realized that a part of the meaning of Wee Three is its ability to help us to remember the simpler times. The games of our youth, and the joy and wonder that children are born with.

Somewhere along the way it seems we as a society have lost our ability to find this wonder and joy. Can we remember, can we reclaim it?


Have we lost our ability?
To find the wonder in the day?

To look upon the sky so fair,
Make pictures from the clouds above.

Watch the gentle breeze blow the leaves,
Hear the calm voices of the trees.

Pet a dog or watch a kitten,
Open our hearts to see their joy.

Can we still sit so quietly?
Listening to the birds in song.

Do we still see the miracles?
In the uncomplicated things.

Where is the time to watch the stars?
Or see the moonlight shine so bright.

Anger and tension fills our lives.
Killing us with the fear and stress.

No time left to teach our children,
See the glory and the wonder.

Trouble-free, fun and banter too,
All the natural, simple play.

Is it worth the fury and strain?
We give ourselves and children too.

Are we losing our precious time?
With all the running to and fro.

Where has all of life’s glory gone?
Can we reclaim our wonder now?

Copyrighted 2011 Marta Moran-Bishop

Wee Three is a book of verse and memories. But it is also a means to regain and to share that innocence and joy we had as a child. My hope is that in its pages people will find a way to remember the times before the mall or shopping became our means of entertainment. And we as a society will begin to look once again at the pure innocent wonder that life has for us.

What do you all think? Can we as a society reclaim our sense of wonder? Can we help our children to find fun in simple, natural play again?


  1. This is really such a powerful message. In one sense, it seems so simple, but in another, if this message could be heard and heeded, there could be profound positive change in this world.

    You are such a kind, caring soul, and that is why you were able to write a book like WEE THREE that is so incredibly special.

  2. Thank you so much Lisette. You are so right, we desperately need to regain our sense of wonder.