Monday, October 6, 2014

There is yet to be a Dellani Oakes novel that I am not eagerly awaiting. Conduct Unbecoming was not a disappointment. Filled with action packed scenes, romance that will set your heart a thumping, but not from a quivering violet. Instead, Ms. Oakes is a master at strong male and female characters, capable of going toe to toe, yet causing the heat to rise and the spirit sale.
In this Teague McGurty sequel, we Teague and friends coming to the aid of his friend Nadeya who has been framed for the murder of her fiance’.
This is a story about true friendship, modern day romance, steamy love scenes, and full of action.
It is a masterpiece of fun literature you won’t want to put down from the moment you open it up until the last page is finished. It will leave you wanting more and yet filled with the story.
Truly a story to delight.

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