Saturday, October 25, 2014

Roman Nyle: Why I joined the Give A Book/Read A Book Campaign

Roman Nyle, began writing at the age of ten. He served in the U.S. Army, during the 1980's and 1990's. He has a passion for reading and exploring the world through watching people and the learning about different cultures.

Roman is an animal rights activist and a nature lover and he was kind enough to join me on my blog today.

He is currently working on a screen play as well as a novel and several short stories. I have been lucky to have a peek at some of his work. Although, currently not published he will be shortly and has become a writer with Katmoran Publications.

I must say along with being an interesting and kind man, he is opinionated. Some may not agree with his opinions, but he is always ready for a good debate.

Thank you for today's guest post Roman and thank you for joining the Give A Book/Read A Book Campaign.

Marta, it is a pleasure to meet you and thank you for letting me post on your blog. I have avoided the social media along with all it entails for a long time, but my wife insists it is time. She says if I am going to publish my work, I need to begin to venture out of my comfort zone. I am excited to be a part of the campaign. I remember more things I have read in books than those I have watched on television or in the movies. My reasons for asking to join this campaign are below.

Imagine a place where horses talk, other planets are populated by different species, ghosts walk, and murders get caught.

An entire universe is open to you, when you read a book.

Even though the Give A Book/Read A Book campaign began in 2013 as a way to promote books and reading, not just one authors books, but all books. Books from major publishers, small presses, and indie authors. It doesn’t matter if it is fiction or biographies and self help books, which author you prefer or if you only buy books that are traditionally published, there is a book that will ignite your passions.

In this day and age of electronics, with our world filled with the noise of television, automobiles, X-boxes, and video games, are we missing some of life's finest pleasures? The ability to allow our imagination to wander, to roam to far off galaxies, catch a murderer, and fall in love.

Are we losing the chance to sit quietly and look at the sunset or sunrise, watch a brook as it jumps over rocks on its way to its destination? Have we forgotten what it is to stop and listen to someone? To hear what they have to say or do we only hear a part of the sentence? Are we doomed to become a civilization-dependent on shopping and soundbites as our only means of entertainment or knowledge?

In the pages of a book, our eyes can be opened in ways no other medium can do. Our imaginations can soar and our minds can grow, becoming more and we can find a peaceful, quiet, place inside ourselves that is only available without the constant on-slot of electronics.

This does not mean that television, movies, video games, the internet, and shopping don’t have their place in our society. Contrarily, they offer us many other things. Yet, if they are our only source of entertainment and we are unable to put them down, what are we losing? What worlds are we not discovering, what understanding of other civilizations and cultures are we missing?

There are many theories on why there is such an abundance of Autism, in all its many forms. Perhaps, it is from an overabundance of noise and an overstimulatulation of our senses. We don't seem to give ourselves time to soak in the meaning of life or allow our mind a chance to absorb the silence and beauty around us. In our fast paced world, I wonder if we give ourselves enough time to let our imagination work,

In days past, life was lived at a slower pace, children played, using their imagination to build worlds or secret societies in their tree house. They spent time on their swing set, fishing, playing tag, and hide and seek. They began reading at younger ages, partly because they were read to or because the rest of the family read.

At the dinner table everyone’s day was discussed, the problems, the solutions, world events, what happened at school, what they learned that day, and stories of past and present adventures were told.
In my mind, I still picture these days, I remember the first books I read, the stories of my youth, and there are those books that to this day I have fond memories of. Yes, it is true, I also have a few movies that have done the same, yet more often than not many of them I can’t remember the substance or the meaning of them. Some television shows left a large impression on me too, yet this probably has more to do with the fact we watched few shows. Our days were filled with the simple games of a child, our chores around the house that made us a part of the solution in our family, and the stories my mind created after reading a book.

Give A Book/Read A Book and enter the world of the imagination.

You can find Roman Nyle on Facebook and soon in bookstores near you. We hope to convince him to join some of the other social media networks.

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