Sunday, November 2, 2014


Imagine a world where there is no middle class, no environmental controls, no education for the poor, no safety nets for the young or the old. A world with no minimum wage and no way for woman to protect themselves. A place where everyone who isn't wealthy is a number and owned by the company. Their lives and families at the mercy of the few, the corrupt, and the powerful.

As we head into the mid-term elections, so many will not vote, many will vote based upon one issue, some along party lines, and some based upon lies created to deceive and divide people.
If we become a nation without safety nets for our children and elderly, with no minimum wage, health care, or education for anyone that is not already wealthy or born into wealth. Where will we be?

If we become a nation of one religion, the question will become which denomination of which religion will become the STATE religion? What will happen to all those who believe differently?

Today there is a movement for South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida to succeed from the United States and form a country called Reagan and build a country based upon anti-gay, pro-life, as long as it is the fetus, without care for women, or the children, without any environmental or safety protections, and with a state religion.

We will have a nation that resembles the story I wrote called, The Between Times. It is a story of a grim world, with little hope for the poor. But, there also is a bit of hope and a bit of magic, within its pages.

In Orwell’s, 1984, he paints a picture of Big Brother in the form of the government, it is a picture that many use to try to prove that anyone who believes in safety nets and protections, are evil. In The Between Times, I see a world where the corporation owns the people and that world is not pretty. It is a world where religious wars are fought to make more money for the richest among us, while the poor are fodder for the war machine. A place where children are no longer protected once they are born, for the truth as my research shows is that those few who are throwing billions of dollars into buying elections and our government do not consider anyone who is not wealthy to be a person. No in their minds they are only fodder for their work force and their wars, which serve only to produce more power for them. It was true in nineteen thirty-three, when a few millionaires tried to overthrow the government and place a fascist regime in its place and it is true today.

Although, there are some who hear the word magic and believe it evil. In The Between Times, although it appears to be magical it can also be a metaphor for what can happen if people from every walk of life put their energy in one direction and how powerful that would be. It is a revolution of sorts, though not one that is carried out in the streets nor is a shot fired, but still hope is found in ‘the prophecy,’ begun by Jewell’s mother Rebecca, while she was standing waiting for her death.

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