Saturday, December 28, 2013

BRILLIANTLY TOLD While some reviews I read compared, ‘Map Of Bones,’ by James Rollins, with ‘The DaVinci Code,’ the only similarity I found was that both books dealt with the history and mystery’s surrounding the Catholic Church and its origins. This novel was the second James Rollins book I had read, and it did not disappoint. He continues to amaze me with the depth of his character development, story-lines, and blending of history, mythology, science, fantasy, and politics. Mr. Rollins has a rare ability to both hold the reader’s interest while perking their desire to research a bit more on their own. His stories are thrilling to read, and if you are listening to them as I was, you genuinely don’t want someone coming up to you in the middle when guns are blasting and the world is near destruction for you may jump out of your skin as I nearly did. ‘Map Of Bones,’ a Sigma Force, novel is by far a book that I can recommend to anyone who enjoys adventure, mystery, fantasy, science, or history.

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