Saturday, December 28, 2013


In the ‘Song Of The Monster,’ physiologist Barbara Stark, revisits Roberto Mendez the once all – powerful CEO of an international crime family, now locked in the penitentiary and sentenced to life in prison, all because of the wiles and brilliance of Barbara Stark. Mr. Mendez is curious he wants to know how Ms. Stark was able to ferret out his secrets and drive his son into madness, and the government wants information from him. Who will win this game of power and insight? Will Ms. Stark once again succeed where no one else can or die in the trying? Questions that only the reader can learn the answers to, but guaranteed to enchant, enthrall, and charm the reader while they are looking for these answers. Ms. Koch’s characters and plots are brilliantly written, full of humor, wit, and insights into the human condition, and her heroine Barb Stark is a rare find for any book-lover.

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